Bad Breath

It is embarrassing! And usually we just don’t know because others find it too embarrassing to tell us. But why does it happen? We all know smoking gives us bad breath sometimes stomach issues can but most of it is due to particular types of bacteria in the mouth. You can have comparatively clean teeth and still have bad breath. 

How do you know?

That’s easy. Lick the back of your hand, with 10 seconds for it to dry, now smell the spot you licked. What you smell is what other people smell when they get close to you.

So how do you cure bad breath?

First, have the dentist or hygienist do a professional clean at least every six months. He/she will be able to get in where you miss and can get rid of the tough tartar. Then do what he/she tells you when it comes to brushing and flossing. Assuming you are doing all these things right, and your breath still smells, the next step is to use specific bad breath products to kill stinky bacteria.