A tooth is meant to last a life time. The “six year old molar” – the one we chew on most – comes through at the age of six. Many of us had it filled when we were seven, then again at eleven. Another cavity formed and a second filling was needed at fifteen. Then one corner broke off at 35 and so it goes. Each time the tooth gets filled it becomes weaker and the less tooth the less for fillings to hold on to. Think of a tooth as a shopping bag. We fill it and fill it and eventually the bag breaks. A tooth is the same. This is when a crown is needed. 

A crown is like a helmet that sits all around the tooth and holds on to the root. This strengthens the tooth and will usually last a long time. Crowns are made of gold and/or porcelain. Better and better metal free options are coming on the market and it probably won’t be long until that is all we do.