The Way We See It

Would you like to have your own teeth for the rest of your life?


Do you like the idea of a set of plastic ones, swimming in a glass of water by the bed side at night with yesterday's mince and pumpkin bits floating on the surface?

We tend to service the first category.

We see it as our role to examine people’s teeth and find any problems. Then we discuss different treatment options and go ahead with what the patient chooses. Sometimes people choose to do nothing and as long as they understand the consequences of their choice, we are happy to support them in that decision. Sometimes people go for very comprehensive treatment involving many or all teeth. We are happy to do that too. If people decide to have teeth extracted we do that, but we have yet to see a person who actually wants a tooth pulled out.

Many patients like to spread treatment out over time which often works very well but we like to make up a plan to work to so the most urgent issues can be addressed first.